Seenahm is a Los Angeles-based media artist from Bangkok, Thailand. She got her BA in Design Media Arts at UCLA, working with a variety of mediums and styles. In her work, she marries audio and visual components, and incorporates both new and analog media into her projects. Her works have been screened in public venues including the Ogden Arts Center. She is currently working at the hyperreality studio, Clap On Clap Off, using methods such as machine learning and generative design to create collaborative art between machine and human.





We asked strangers on the internet to assume five things about us. 

Here are some things some strangers said about me: 

you are asian, you are female, you like art, you probably do well in school, you live in china ur asian, ur over 18, ur a virgin, ur generally pretty fun to be around, you live in canada you're friendly, interesting, have a good fashion sense, funny, kindgirl, 17-21, hates cold weather, likes fashion, live in the us your fun, sporty, good singer, like to party, would date meyou like music, your short, from south korea, like anime, 19 years old asian, lives in america, lover not a hater, from japan, mixed genderyou like math, 25, live with your mom, phd student prob, youre singleyour dad is a Doctor, your smart, you live in thailand, your 5 foot 4, your still a virginyou are nice, you can cook, you are 26, you have a dog, you like sports