I am not much of a talker at all.
I just have a lot of trouble compiling all of my thoughts and putting them into the right words.
My dad isn't much of a talker either; that's definitely something that we share. Because wording
my thoughts is difficult for me, I often turn to visuals
to speak. My dad speaks through his photography.
In 2016, I moved from my home in Bangkok, Thailand, where I was born and raised for almost 18 years, to Los Angeles along with my mom and siblings.

I wanted to create "Conversations" as a way for my dad and I to keep in touch. To communicate in the way that we know how to do best, and the way that we are the most comfortable with; through a visual dialogue. Photographs from my dad taken in Thailand,
(and several from here), and photographs of my own from here are collaged and stitched together to create
a new language. There are some moments of silence, so some photos stand alone.