SEENAHM (สีน้ำ)

Seenahm is a multidisciplinary media artist and designer from Bangkok, Thailand. She is currently based in Los Angeles.

In her work, she marries audio and visual components, and incorporates both new and analog media into her projects. Her works have been screened in public venues including the Ogden Arts Center and the Beverly Center.

She is currently a partner at the  forward-thinking creative agency, Clap On Clap Off working as a creative director, senior designer and new media technologist, using methods such as machine learning and generative design to create collaborative art between machine and human.


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ตะโกน / SHOUT 2019
35mm + digital video, processing, mix-media

ตะโกน  is a short experimental short video about identity, losing and finding yourself. Footage was shot on 35mm film, and physically manipulated / destructed (scratching, burning, left in chemicals). Typography was made by creating frame by frame animation on pieces of paper, torn apart, and scanned. Audio also composed and recorded by me.