SEENAHM (สีน้ำ)

Seenahm is a multidisciplinary media artist and designer from Bangkok, Thailand. She is currently based in Los Angeles.

In her work, she marries audio and visual components, and incorporates both new and analog media into her projects. Her works have been screened in public venues including the Ogden Arts Center and the Beverly Center.

She is currently a partner at the  forward-thinking creative agency, Clap On Clap Off working as a creative director, senior designer and new media technologist, using methods such as machine learning and generative design to create collaborative art between machine and human.


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Design for artist Lauren Lee McCarthy’s networked installation, The Changing Room. 

Excerpt from Lauren’s website

I see you approaching. I am anticipating your fingers against my interface. Do you know what you want to feel?

The Changing Room is a networked installation run by an intelligence that manages your feelings. Inhabitants select from one of over 200 emotions, and the algorithm reacts, inducing the chosen feeling simultaneously for every person in the space. The installation is a software platform that can reconfigure to any space and network. Created for Ogden Contemporary Arts.”


The Changing Room was also displayed at SNFORG in Athens, Greece.



Artist: Lauren Lee McCarthy; Web Design and Development: Surplus+ (Melanie Hoff, Angeline Meitzler, Sam Panter, Dan Taeyoung); Design: Seenahm Suriyasat, Leming Zhong, Sharareh Samangani; Writing: Clara Leivas; Sound Design: Kawandeep Virdee; Technical Installation Lead: William Peterson; Photo Models: Julie-Anne Abubo, Nalijah Caudle, David Lenz; Documentation Photography: Cam McLeod; Curated by and special thanks to Venessa Castagnoli!

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Photos from SNFORG